Winkler-Front Line Leaders: Fall 2016

Winkler-Front Line Leaders: Fall 2016

New World Leadership™ for Front Line Leaders

This program is designed for those who are new to a leadership role and meets the need to learn about and enhance their leadership style.

The New World Leadership program is progressive, well-researched and cutting edge in all areas of leadership. It is referred to as Life Changing for a reason!  A recent graduate said, “simply put it will change your view of leadership and management at it’s core. Practical, useable and so impactful.”

We challenge our faculty to grow, learn and stretch their thinking in everything they do as demonstrated in our curriculum, facilitation and coaching practice. This program is not for the faint of heart.  Take our transformation challenge and become a new You – a leader of the future.

Participants will get an opportunity to explore their personal leadership style, share their leadership challenges and work through experiential exercises that will support building progressive leadership capabilities.
This program provides leaders with a real opportunity to evaluate, learn, practice and evolve in their leadership skills. Each registered leader receives three private, individualized, coaching sessions. Participants have time to practice new skills and to manage their professional commitments by attending ½ day classes.
 Program Modules:
 Building Self Awareness (September 28th, 2016) – Research indicates that Self Awareness is a key indicator of a successful leader. This module includes a Personal Profile and takes the leader through a dynamic exploration of their natural preferences and leadership style. You will receive your training binder, profile, and textbook and reflections journals.
Stress and Creating Positive Energy™ (October 19th, 2016) -This module looks at the impact of positive psychology and happiness at work. We share with each leader our unique approach to reducing stress, increasing balance and resiliency while creating optimism and positive energy that others just want to follow.
Communicating Effectively and Team Engagement (November 16th, 2016) -Harvard Business Review states that 87% of business issues are due to a lack of interpersonal communication skills not the technical competencies of the parties. This module focuses on dynamic communication skills that work. Changing your communication style to meet the needs of the other person is key to being a successful leader.
Coaching as a Leader (December 14th, 2016) – Being able to have a coaching conversation is key to a leaders success. Coaching is a critical skill if we want to build capacity with our teams. Coaching creates a positive environment where individual contributors just want to perform. This module will focus on the core competencies of great coaching.
The Resilience Advantage™  (January 11th, 2017) – This module reviews the revolutionary research of the HeartMath Institute.  We explore the science of the heart along with several techniques for participants to deal with stress in the work context.
Personal Leadership Development Plan (February 8th, 2017) – As a wrap-up to our program, each participant is required to reflect on their individual leadership journey through the presentation of their Personal Leadership Development Plan.
Program fees include the following:
  • All training materials and books
  • Psychometric Profile (value $175.00/person)
  • Homework assignments and experiential exercises
  • Three private coaching sessions  (value $480.00/person)

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