Yvonne Thompson, MA, CHRP

Energize, Empower and Engage your team.  Create Self-leadership, Self-reliance and SELF-responsibility. Start manifesting exactly what you want in your personal and professional life.

Watch an interview on CTV with Yvonne Thompson on the launch of her new book Spiritually Aligned Leadership-Becoming SELF Centered Here

Yvonne Thompson is a nationally recognized author and acclaimed speaker whose passion for Creating Positive Energy in people and organizations is what drives her in every keynote at conferences and conventions. Her powerful and inspiring message leaves attendees motivated to make a change and to explore the concept of “leading self”.  She specializes in leadership and wellness, working with both organizations and individuals across Canada.

Yvonne is committed to spreading her message about the importance of “deliberate self leadership” professionally and personally for better health, joy and overall wellness to not only one’s self but to their organization as well. Her approach is clear, concise and most importantly infectious. Yvonne is a master story teller who leaves her audiences with solid tools and techniques for shifting individuals’ personal and professional leadership strategies. Yvonne uses the Tree of Abundance™ and the Tools of Intention™ to clearly illustrate strategies for personal growth, improved wellness and enhanced leadership.

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Yvonne‘s first book, Leadership for a New World: The Organic Approach to Employee Engagement, is based on research, personal experience and 30 years of working in the Human Resources field with a wide range of clients across Canada.

The follow-up, Spiritually Aligned Leadership: Becoming SELF-Centered focuses on assisting individuals to become the best leaders of themselves.  Yvonne outlines personal alignment and overall wellness strategies that create joy, abundance and overall health.

Yvonne has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is an Insights Accredited practitioner who’s clients range from Utilities, Municipal and Federal Governments, Financial Sector, Manufacturing and Engineering and numerous Associations.  She has spoken at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, The Childcare Association, Petroleum Safety Conference, Vancouver Island Safety Conference and CGA, to name a few.

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