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Compelling programs with compelling results.


Creating the Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership

Check out Yvonne’s upcoming book, Creating the Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership.  Scheduled for release in April 2018!



New World Leadership™

Thought-provoking exploration combined with the most progressive leadership assessments and resources. We stretch the boundaries creating a rich environment where growth can emerge organically and uniquely for each leader.


Coaching as a Leader

Transform your organization’s communication style.  Assist your leaders in understanding the keys to successful coaching conversations.  Build high levels of trust, increase transparency and create open dialogue where being honest before kind is of utmost importance.



Experienced Leaders Exchange

After fifteen years of running our New World Leadership™ Programming and the evolution of leadership over the past decade it is time to provide a powerful and meaningful follow up.
Join us for a full day of dynamic discussions on the most progressive leadership topics including Positive Psychology at Work, Neuroscience, the ground-breaking implications of Neuroplasicity and the tools for Creating a Culture of Personal Accountability and Responsible SELF Management. 
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

One of the most important keys to business performance.  Understand how your emotions impact decision making, energy, behaviours and, most importantly, results. A transformational process!


Creating Positive Energy™ - The Science of Wellbeing

Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, Self- Awareness and Self-Leadership are at the heart of Creating Positive Energy™. Reawaken your balance, peace, grace and humility.



We use a variety of psychometric assessment tools in order to assist the leader in building self-awareness in a safe and meaningful way.


In House Accreditation

In House Accreditation

Building sustainability and internal capacity is a passion of ours. Whenever possible we create this opportunity for our clients.



One size does not fit all! We customize where appropriate to ensure fit and alignment.

Team Engagement

Team Engagement

Bringing your teams together to improve results.


Public Speaking

Sharing what we know with passion and conviction with inspiration and commitment to changing the corporate landscape.



Mini Sessions

We offer the best of our full programs in half or full day mini sessions!