Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritually Aligned Leadership?

Spiritually Aligned Leadership is when a person, business leader or even a parent, leads themselves in a way that is true and aligned with what they know deep down inside is the right thing to do for themselves.  The person asks themselves the hard questions about “What do I really want? What do I believe is the right thing to do in this situation?”.  A Spiritually Aligned Leader is focused on self-leadership, self-reliance and self-responsibility and is never a victim. They go inside and seek the truth for themselves.


Is Spiritually Aligned Leadership about religion?

There is no intended religious connotation when we use the words Spiritually Aligned Leadership.  It is not our intention, in any way, to challenge anyone’s religious beliefs. We strongly value diversity and a person’s right to choose their own direction in life and this is in fact at the core of this work.  We are huge advocates of following your own truth.   Spiritual Alignment simply means that a person is in true alignment with him or her true self and not others’ or societal expectations.   Spiritual Alignment is when a person has done the hard work of being honest with themself to the point where they actually know what they want from the inside out, NOT from the outside in.


Isn’t being SELF Centred being selfish?

Being SELF Centered is very different from being selfish.  A person who is SELF Centered will not do things simply to make another person happy especially if it is truly out of alignment with what they know to be the right thing for themselves. Being SELF Centered is when a person takes the time to truly care for themselves and to learn what is right for them.