Creating the Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership

Our world seems to be changing and evolving more rapidly than any other time in history. Change is being felt in all sectors and all areas of business from our world economy and environmental considerations, to the younger employees seeking new ways to contribute and demanding new work environments. The many factors we are facing require that we take a serious look at our business and human resource practices.

This work takes a close look at the challenges we are all facing and proposes an entirely new way of building corporate culture. Tools and techniques for shifting our present culture of victimization and disempowerment to full accountability and responsibility are at the heart of this work. The new sciences of Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics and the Heart Brain Connection help to inform and provide a platform for the unique tools and techniques that, when practiced, consistently create an accountability culture that is life-changing for leaders, their teams and their organizations as a whole. Creating capacity, improved productivity and profits in our organizations will be grounded in a full understanding of what it is to be human and our ability to access all of the gifts and talents that this encompasses.

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