Por Los Niños

In May of 2000 the Grand Pacific Resort in Ixtapa started an organization in order to assist the poorest families in Zihuatanejo, MX. They believe that dignity and the basic personal needs of everyone is critical to a persons success. They started the, Casa para Niños del Pacífico, a school that supports learning and growth for the poorest children. Their programs have expanded and grown over the years.

In 2015, we had the pleasure of meeting Carol Romain, a volunteer organizer who works very closely with Casa para ninos del Pacifico. She discovered a specific need for children who were able to attend K-6 grade but due to the financial requirements from grade 7 to 12, were unable to continue their education. As an arm of Casa para Niños, she began matching the poorest children with God-Parents (sponsors) who were willing to make a long term commitment to assist these children to stay in school and graduate.

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Casa para ninos del Pacifico

One of the primary focuses of the program is building a relationship with the children and their families. The children have to attend school, be focused and obtain good grades but they also have to be in touch with their sponsoring family each month. Casa para Niños del Pacifico has a fabulous group of English Teachers and Social Workers who assist the children in translation and computer skills in order to communicate regularly with their sponsoring family. The best part is, sponsors are able to visit the children and their families, watching them grow and expand their dreams every day. Through these relationships, the children can see that there is a whole world available to them that once seemed untouchable.

viviana family

Our first meeting with Viviana in her home with her mom and the English Teacher, Mirania.


Viviana with her Mom, Ele, father, Jose, and brother, Jorge.  December 2015

In March of 2017, we were able to spend time with Viviana and her whole family.  Viviana is learning English and we are learning Spanish so conversations are always interesting. Her father, Jose, got a great new job this year and we had the pleasure of getting to know both Jorge and Paloma, Viviana’s siblings.  Here are some recent pictures.

family boat

We took the whole family out on a sailboat during Sailfest.  This fundraising event raised more than 1.6 million Pesos to build additional classrooms and kitchens to feed the children.

Viviana and her family had never been on a boat so this was a true highlight for all of us.



Our last day in Zihuatanejo.  Sad to say goodbye until next year.  We loved our time with these lovely people.