In the Fall of 2015, we responded to an open RFP process to provide a Coaching Program for leaders at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.  A primary goal was to assist leaders in shifting to a coaching conversation model that would have long-lasting, positive impact on the culture, interpersonal relationships and overall performance of the leaders and their teams.

We are so honoured to partner with MBLL on this project and in the Spring of 2016 we began our first program with over 50 leaders.  We also undertook a Train the Trainer process and today, their own internal facilitators are taking our Coaching as a Leader Program to the next level, facilitating with another group of over 50 leaders.

In large organizations, the virtue of patience is critical when shifting culture to create sustainable impact.  MBLL is doing just that, a strategic, go slow to go fast mentality with compassion and care.  We are grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank all of the leaders at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries for their personal efforts to engage contributors in a new and dynamic way.

To learn more about MBLL, please visit their website at www.mbll.ca/content/about-us.

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