Creating the Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership

Our world is changing and evolving more rapidly than any other time in history. Change is being felt in all sectors and all areas of business from our world economy and environmental considerations, to the younger employees seeking new ways to contribute and demanding new work environments.

We provide a 3 part series specifically on the implementation of the Accountability Model and its practical use.  This program is designed for any leader or organization that has graduated from our New World Leadership or Coaching as a Leader program.  Due to the existing transformation that takes place during the Leadership and Coaching programs often existing clients wish to elevate accountability and self-responsibility.   It is a critical first step in the transformation from old energy to the new Energy Organization and the mechanism to creating the  Accountability Culture. It is best facilitated six months after graduation from either our NWL or CAL program.

Book Launch Video 1 – Upcoming Release

Book Launch Video 2 – New Energy vs. Old Energy Organizations


Book Launch Video 3 – The Science of Great Leadership

Book Launch Video 4 – Creating the Accountability Culture: The Accountability Model

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creating the accountability culture

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