Gratitude and Leadership

I believe that gratitude is the single most powerful emotion. When working with leaders we often highlight the critical importance of how they feel as a key indicator of the results they will get. For so many years we told people not to bring their feelings to work, “work is work and everything else needs […]

Key to Successful Leadership Development

True leadership development takes courage, tenacity and a willingness to step into our goo-I know this is not a very technical term but it’s one that for me truly describes the work that is required to become a successful, balanced and highly impactful leader.  Shift takes time, personal commitment and true honesty.  Our ability to […]

Busy being busy

In today’s fast paced world, there is no shortage of demands on us: demands we create, demands we agree to, and demands we meet out of obligation. I would like to explore a concept of ease versus resistance. That is to say, every demand we live up to or activity we engage in has two ways of unfolding: smoothly […]

A Time for More Gratitude

It has been an amazing summer for me and I hope that each of you has also had an inspiring and heartfelt few months. If you believe the Universe is your teacher, like I do, then listening to what it has to say is so important; there are signs all around us.  As many of […]

Upcoming Fall Programs

We are so excited as we prepare for our Fall suite of programs.  Check out our plans below! New World LeadershipTM Series – This program takes place over 9 half-days as we recognize that true shift and change occurs over time.  Our programs are designed to produce maximum results on a leader’s self-awareness, accountability and […]

Can Selling Fish be Sexy?

We all have heard of the famous Pike Place Fish Market at the Seattle Wharf. I had the opportunity to be on business there last week and visit this iconic place. For many years, I used one of their training videos in a Leadership class I taught for a Business Faculty. The purpose was to […]

Life Changing Leadership: The GREAT Corporate Shift

The title of this article is the title of my next book.  I have been writing this book for the past 2 months and it will hit the shelves in the fall of 2016.  This work has been the most rewarding so far because the relief that people are seeking in the workplace is at […]

Our Thoughts are Energy

  I think most of us have heard the statement “Our Thoughts are Energy” before. For me, this rings more true now than ever before. Several years ago, it occurred to me that if this was in fact the case, we could manifest anything we wanted by changing our thoughts. This was the beginning of […]

Living in the Moment

I write a lot about alignment and the importance of feeling good. How we feel is a key indicator of how we are doing on the inside and out. It provides an insight into whether we are heading in the right direction or the wrong direction. When something feels good, we know it is the […]

Alignment: Seeking Our Truth

I wanted a true Mexican experience- ask and receive! As I lay on the floor of the Adobe Brick Temazcel, (similar to a Sweat Lodge whose translation is Rebirth) Le Pita, our spiritual guide for the day, shared a story and reflection that I would like to share here. It speaks to alignment, truth and […]