Making a Connection

Every time I attend an event even the ones that Change Innovators hosts I learn something new.  At the recent Wellness Weekend Geoff spoke about the importance of Connecting to our Food.  We have lost the connection to what sustains our bodies.  Many of you who know me know that I have been slowly shifting […]

Becoming the Observer

As we seek joy, abundance, peace and balance we look for tools that will make it easier and more accessible. As I work from my West Coast office I am focused on completing my second book. The name of the book (for now) is Creating Positive Energy, Spiritually Aligned Leadership.   The chapter I finished this […]

Manifesting Your Desires

Sometimes we want something so bad that we think about and think about and think about.  Remember that thinking about something in a very positive way is very helpful but when it comes to manifesting your dreams you have to FEEL IT!  You can’t just think about something from a positive perspective you have to […]

Verbal Harmlessness

When I was creating my guiding principals several years ago, while sitting on that beautiful BC beach, I was taken by the concept of “Verbal Harmlessness”.  What would it be like to become a person who was able to practiceverbal harmlessness everyday? It sounds much easier than it is.  I have certainly tried to live […]


Several years ago when I was working on my Masters a classmate recommended that I visit a specific beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. At the time we were both studying at Royal Roads University and this particular beach was about a 2-hour drive northwest. After 10 days of continuous work, reading and […]

Creating Positive Energy-Roots to Resiliency Victoria BC

Fall Craziness!   I don’t know about you but fall seems to be a crazy time.  We have been running like crazy but LOVING every minute of it. With our re-organization complete and things beginning to take new shape we are loving our new business model, the work and of course our clients as usual. […]

Organizations are Trying to Catch Up!

The world is changing and everyone (almost everyone) can feel it.  I am so excited as more and more people realize the critical importance of Creating Positive Energy in our lives and especially within our organizations. Research is clear; everywhere we go we hear the same thing over and over again. Employees are not going […]

Be Open and the Answers Will Appear Seeking the Heart-center

At the core of good coaching is the understanding that every single client already has all the answers that they need on the inside. The coach’s role is simply to ask great questions, so the client can seek their own answers. We are an amazing, resilient and incredibly capable species who have forgotten or lost […]

It all Perspective

When you live from the perspective that things will all work out and you see the good in every situation, you create positive energy. You create within yourself an energy frequency that is high. Now I know that some of you are skeptics, but if you really dig deep and think about it, it makes […]

Alignment is a Beautiful Thing

For those of you who have attended our Creating Positive Energy Workshops or our Leadership Series you know that I am a firm believer that personal alignment and leading self is critical to overall happiness and success.   Many of the people I work with believe that personal alignment is not possible within their life […]