Personal leadership the Key to Professional Leadership

When I am providing keynotes on leadership I often ask the audience (regardless of size or demographic) “Who Manages you Best?”. I often tease the audience by surmising that maybe their boss, life partner or best friend manages them best. Of course the answer is always the same. Whether I am on the West Coast, […]


Can you tell the difference when someone actually sees YOU and when they are just reacting or going through the motions. ISEE YOU is a powerful state of being, with huge impacts. A person’s ability to be conscious and intentional when interacting with others is a special and powerful gift. Many of us go through […]

I refuse to talk about or contribute to discussion boards about Bullying

Creating Positive Energy- I refuse to discuss Bullying I cannot help myself; this week I need to talk about the importance of creating positive energy. If we are to truly change the world we need to change our energy. I participate in a number of on-linediscussion groups; many HR discussions groups, trainer discussion groups and […]

Foregiveness – Creating Positive Energy

Are you gentle and kind to yourself?    Do you let yourself off the hook when things don’t go right? Being gentle…what does it mean? Gentle with ourselves; gentle with others. Two key elements of gentleness is understanding and forgiveness. When things are just not going right; when you make a mistake or a poor decision […]


Being Gentle, what does it mean? Gentle with ourselves; gentle with others. One of the key elements of Gentleness is understanding and forgiveness. It is so important that we get underneath ourselves when we are feeling out of alignment. Underneath ourselves means not being afraid to dig below the surface to see what is really […]

Meditation- Quieting the Mind

Meditation and Silence = Self Care. We have been talking about Self Care on the NEW WORLD LEADERSHIP LinkedIn discussion group. I was glad to see that many agreed with me about Self-Care. It is time we become selfish. Most of us spend a significant amount of time trying to make others happy. Whether we […]

Go Inside ! You Have the Answers

Creating Positive Energy in our lives requries that we Go Inside and find the answers that are unique to each of us. What does this mean? When things don’t seem right..when we seem to be out of alignment or out of sorts we often look externally to find the answers we seek. We speak with […]

Creating Postive Energy

Creating Positive Energy is all about our uniqueness and yet the importance of our interconnections. The next few posts will focus on specific elements of creating positive energy within yourself, your work, your surroundings and your life in general. The purpose of the book is to provide practical tools to create the life you have […]

Gen Y

Could not find the article you referred to. Would love to read it as I work in this area all the time however my perspecitve is different from the title of the article. I don’t see Gen “Y” has having a problem that needs fixing. The real fixing needs to take place with organizations. This […]

Everyone should love going to work.

Do you love going to work? When you get to work do you love what you do? Let me know if you love your work and why? We spend a significant amount of time at work and loving what you do is critical to the wellbeing of a person. It directly reflects our contributions, productivity […]