How can we connect the old with the new

Many of our corporate leaders, CEO, Presidents etc are in their mid sixties.  How do these leaders connect to the youngest workers coming into our organizations. Or do they? Imagine the shift. All this talk about how truly different this newest worker is  Is a connection possible between the 65 year old executive and the […]

WOW, Inspiration comes from the Millennials

We, the older workers, have a ton to learn from this new generation.  I am so excited to explore the attributes, natural talents and incredible intuitive abilities of our younger workers.  They seem to have skills that many of us only think about or are only learning in the twilight of our working life. The […]

The BIG Shift: Are we fundamentally changing?

For a while now, I have been pondering the generational differences and, through reading and dialogue with others, I am coming to believe that a significant shift is taking place.  My kids are 26, 25 and 23 years old. They are highly intuitive, introspective, and seem to have a connection to themselves, their families, their […]

On to something completely different

A significant shift in the air is in the air.  If you read or listen to many spiritual leaders, business leaders, and those who continually seek to understand, you will have noticed what I have: There is a common theme. We are in the midst of a significant shift.  Humanity is fundamentally changing.  Our needs, […]

New World Leaders Know what we are looking for

NW Leaders know that employees are looking for their work to bring value into their lives.  NW Leaders recognize that we cannot continue to manage (lead) in the same way we have for the past 50 years. The newest generation of workers is showing us the way to a better work life. NW Leaders know […]

Compelling purpose is to find our purpose

Earlier this week I asked the question: Do all human beings at work need the same thing?  I am not sure I have any answers but I do believe that to some degree we all need similar things; like a sense of contributing, belonging and independence.  I think our purpose is to find our purpose.  […]

Are all Human Beings Created Equal

Do you ever wonder if all human beings are created equally? I believe we are, because I think that we all have similar needs.  Or do we?  We all need to feel a sense of belonging. We need to feel we contribute to something meaningful. And we need a sense of independence, even though most […]

The “one thing”

What lies at the heart of your company? What is the one central thing that drives all else in your business? What is your company’s “one thing” that is expressed in a million different ways in your organization?   Speaker and author Ian Percy talks about the importance of knowing your “one thing”, of knowing […]

Engaging the Newest Worker

Employers are crying out for enthusiastic new recruits to help them in their business, yet I often hear HR managers and leaders complaining about their most recent hires. The complaints are simple enough:   “Why can’t these younger workers stay with a company for more than 6 months?” “Young people today have no loyalty. They’re […]