There is Magic in the Air- Spirituality and Authenticity

WOW… I continue to be impressed with this young generation.  Last night on the way home from the ballet we decided to stop for a glass of wine at a local resturant.  My husband and I struck up a conversation with a young server who appeared to want to talk.  She had a great smile and […]

Nothing Worse then Losing Great Talent

The New World Employee needs to be involved and engaged, and their engagement must be driven by themfor them. Here is what I mean: When a team member loses interest in their work and we don’t notice, it can hurt everyone. The company is impacted by the loss of productivity, the employee is impacted by […]

Keeping it REAL !

Sometimes it is hard to keep it real at work, but it is the only way to build authentic and meaningful relationships with co-workers and bosses. I am often asked questions about how to address personnel issues:  What should we say? How do I deal with this problem? My answer is always the same: Deal […]

Building Your ONE Thing !

Many organizations understand the need to have a compelling purpose – that ‘one thing’ that drives everything and all actions. But not very many organizations know how to determine what that compelling purpose is. Unlike Patagonia or Change Innovators, which developed out of their compelling purpose, some organizations must figure this out well into their […]

What Jazzes YOU ?

What jazzes you? Makes you feel amazing inside? When do you feel most happy? Most productive? Like you’re really contributing and making a difference to yourself or someone else? These are questions that we don’t often take the time to consider. Not in our personal life and definitely not in our work life. Think about […]

Employee Branding Buzz

Organizations are often looking for what they call “employee branding”. I have never really understood what this means, because “employee branding” suggests to me that we are branding our employees – and this does not make sense to me. But what does resonate with me is branding your compelling purpose, especially if that branding happens […]

Quick Way to Lose Credibility; Withhold Information from Team Members

Authentic relationships, based on transparency and trust, are a key characteristic of New World Leadership. From my research and experience, it’s clear that employees want real relationships based on real information. Gone are the days of “need to know only”. Today, employees are demanding transparency and full disclosure from their business and corporate leaders. Is […]

Authentic Relationships

When I was researching the factors and catalysts of employee engagement, I met a young man who knew exactly what he wanted from his employer. Keep it real, he said: “I have no misconceptions about my role in this company. I am here to be productive and to make money for the organization. What I […]

Work Life Balance, Lets we honest and take a balanced approach !

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to write to the editor of the Globe and Mail.  The feature over the past days on Work Life Balance was fascinating. Here is my response to the writers and commentaries of this series. I have been reading and following the discussion on Stress and Work Life Balance in […]

What is success?

Every organization must have a compelling purpose at its core, and it must be felt deeply by its leaders.  Success has been defined by many people as the realization of a worthy goal, and at the heart of an organization’s compelling purpose must lie a worthy goal. Does your organization have a worthy goal?  If […]