About Us

Our team  is a unique group of individuals with a collective passion to enhance the corporate world and its results through New World Leadership™.

Our passion to explore leadership in depth has led us on an exciting journey over the past 15 years! Our roots began in more traditional corporate leadership development, which led into Positive Psychology – The Science of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality and, of course, Coaching. We have worked with community leaders, parents, teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs and, of course, corporate leaders.
We have built a community of practice in the field of leadership and we are proud to say that we truly have built a community. Once you graduate from any of our programs, you become part of our family. We meet monthly in our Teleclasses, continue with coaching relationships, where applicable, and provide refreshers that enable us to bring the newest research to our clients, even if they graduated 5 years earlier! Creating a community of leaders willing to explore, discover and stay open to the possibilities is what we are all about.
“Life Changing Leadership meets at the crossroads of Science and Spirituality.”
As described by our clients, “our programs are life changing for the individual leader, their team and the organizations.”


Yvonne Thompson (MA (Leadership), CPHR)

Lead Faculty and President

Yvonne is a master training and leadership consultant with over 30 years experience.  She has a unique ability to draw out the very best in each and every leader.  She creates an amazing, safe space for leaders to explore and discover their greatness.

Listen to Yvonne Thompson with Stephanie Staples on the Your Life Unlimited radio show as she discusses the importance of Self-Leadership.


Michael Thompson (BBA, ACC)

Leadership Consultant, Coach and HeartMath® Accredited

Mike is a highly experienced facilitator and coach who focuses on inspiring people to be their very best at all times.  He works extensively with Emotional Intelligence and personality assessments.  His passion for one-on-one coaching has led him to having an extensive coaching practice.

Eileen Bossons (BA)

Leadership Consultant

Eileen’s career path has given her the opportunity to experience a variety of industries including healthcare, government, not-for-profit organizations and working with military families. 

Eileen joins our team with a unique perspective on the corporate environment and the ripple effect it can have on the family unit.   She has a combined 10 years’ experience working in both federal and municipal government settings, specializing in building strategies and initiatives focusing on the design and development of programs in the field of health and wellness. 

Stephanie Staples (CSP)

Leadership Consultant

Stephanie has been referred to as a Master Motivator.  She is known for providing sessions that leave participants laughing, thinking and inspired to take immediate action that will positively impact their life and livelihood.  Stephanie has worked with busy professionals all over North America, she is the author of 3 books and is a Certified Speaker Professional and Syndicated Radio Host.

Kristine Sheffield (BSc.)

Operations Manager

Kristine has more than 10 years experience in the financial services industry and is excited to be part of our team.

Kristine takes care of all of the details behind the scenes including training material preparation, all financial accounting and reporting.