NWL Graduate

So far I have found it worthwhile attending this course. It has given me some good tools that I can use while doing my job, namely the Coaching Conversations and Team Engagement modules. The Self-Assessment module was interesting as I learned a lot about myself, and my role as a supervisor. I am looking forward […]

Brandon Graduate

In general, the course material was good. I felt that the small class setting made things more personable and made me feel more comfortable to share answers and ideas.  I saw a bit of similarity with some other courses… but also picked up on a few other angles that the other courses never covered. The […]

Recent Graduate

The course has made me more aware of my natural tendencies and the need to make a conscious effort when trying not to be directive or pass judgement. It has also made me more aware of how my peers may be approaching things which has aided in my communication and discussions.


I am trying to practice the concepts learned vs solving the problems for my staff, but it will take time and practice. What has improved is my awareness.

Emerging Leaders Graduate

Thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement – it IS a life changing experience. – Emerging Leaders Graduate

Emerging Leader Graduate

I’ve walked away with nuggets of wisdom from each and every session. –Joyce, Emerging Leader Participant

Leader / Graduate

The course completely changed how I interact with my employees. I engage them in an inclusive and positive manner using coaching conversations so that employees can seek the answers to their questions. We are creating a highly engaged and capable workforce. – Leader / Graduate 

Manager, HR

We will continue to enrol our Lead Hands, Site Supervisors and Foreman as this course is clearly creating a new type of leader in our organization. A positive and engaging leader who is much more self-aware. – Manager HR