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What if you could transform your culture, to one where personal self-development and evolution is combined with equal amounts of service to internal and external customers. What if a transformative culture of immense accountability was possible?  What if there was a way to truly engage even our toughest critics; our millennials but also prepares us for the generation right behind them.  What if that high performing team, with incredible collective energy, and optimal brain function, actually is attainable.

Tap into the practical tools, proven techniques, and world-renowned leadership learning that truly creates the new energy organization. 

Globally Recognized, Internationally Acclaimed New World Leadership TM Program.  

Transforming Lives…Transforming Results

We take leaders on a journey of self-exploration, profound self-development neuroscience, heart/brain connection and the creation of positive energy that impacts all areas of their working and personal lives.

Compelling Program with Compelling Results

Described by CEO as “real, honest, life-changing and highly impactful. A truly transformational experience.


Cave Exploration – The Keys to Authentic Leadership

When we think of leaders who inspire us, how often do we focus on their strengths, and what they are doing right? Do we stop to see the places where they shifted, learned, and grew from a failure? How important is it to understand our shortcomings? Good leaders know themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses. While […]

Curiouser and Curiouser – As a Leader are you engaging your curiosity to build a Culture of Accountability with your team?

  When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she set off on an adventure, that would lead her to make this statement. With each new discovery, and the more curious that she became, the more curious and stranger Wonderland seemed to her. She did more than step out of her comfort zone and did more […]

Why is Leadership Development So Hard?

Everything we have ever known about leadership and management is being challenged. Our hard-wired beliefs about how to improve performance and create engagement is being pushed to the limits every day of every week. Leadership Development is a completely new game if you want to have a sustainable transformational impact that is felt at every […]


Check out some recent videos explaining our philosophies.

Watch an interview on CTV Winnipeg with Yvonne Thompson on the launch of her second book, Spiritually Aligned Leadership-Becoming Self Centered.

Yvonne was also interviewed by iKan Media on Leading Self. Check it out here.

Listen to an interview on Your Life Unlimited radio show with Yvonne Thompson and Stephanie Staples on the importance of Self-Leadership.


Are Our Programs Right for Your Organizations?

  • Do you want practical tools for building balance and resiliency?
  • Does your organization have a desire to do the hard work of personal exploration within a highly trusting environment?
  • Are you eager to engage and retain your millennial population while preparing for the generation right behind them?
  • Are you ready to slow down in order to go fast?
  • Is there an appetite to create authenticity where honesty before kindness prevails?
  • Is your organization ready to explore love and compassion as key tools for building impeccable accountability